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BAHAWALPUR, Nov 5 (APP): State Minister for Education & Professional Training Baleegh ur Rehman vowed on Saturday to introduce uniform education curriculum soon after consultation with the provinces across the country.
Addressing at the Govt Sadiq Public School, he said that first time ever ‘National Curriculum Council’ was constituted to create uniform national thinking among all units of the federation. The Council was pondering over work of providing uniform education curriculum everywhere in the country, he remarked.
He hinted at inculcating Holy Quran reading from sixth to intermediate classes as a compulsory subject. In addition, health and physical education has been making part of the syllabus at primary level, he added.
He laid stress on introducing spiritual teaching of Quran among youth particularly, to save them entice to affliction or falling prey to distress and inferiority complex.
He said that education budget had been doubled during the incumbent government tenure. He said the government had burnt midnight oil to overcome power crisis, resulting in remarkable decrease in loadshedding. He assured of ending energy crisis by the end of 2018.
He urged the students to evolve book reading reading habit in their daily life. He said that there was no connection between Islam and terrorism. He said the spirit of better Muslim demanded of promoting harmony and tolerance in the society.