UNICEF, World Bank urge greater investment in early childhood development


UNITED NATIONS, April 16 (APP): The heads of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Bank Group are jointly urging
global and national leaders to step up action and investments in nutrition and early childhood development programmes as a critical foundation for equitable development and economic growth.

The two organizations said in a statement hat they have established a new alliance that aims to make early childhood development a global policy, programming and public spending priority, to give all young children access to quality services that improve their health, nutrition, learning ability and emotional well being.
Advances in neuroscience and recent economic studies show that early childhood experiences have a profound impact on brain development and on subsequent learning, health, and adult earnings. Children, who are poorly nourished and nurtured, or those who do not receive early stimulation, are likely to learn less in school and earn less as adults.