UN Security Council calls for Yemen roadmap on security measures


UNITED NATIONS, April 26 (APP): The United Nations Security Council has  called on all parties involved in the intra-Yemeni peace talks to develop a road map for the
implementation of interim security measures as they work towards a comprehensive agreement that will bring a permanent end to the political crisis in the country.

Adopting a Presidential Statement, the 15-member body welcomed the  commencement of the nationwide cessation of hostilities in Yemen on 10 April as well as the launch of the intra-Yemeni peace talks in Kuwait, reiterating a call to all parties to engage in the peace talks in a flexible and constructive manner without preconditions, and in good faith.”

In its statement, the Council called on all Yemeni parties to develop  a road map for the implementation of interim security measures, especially at the local level, withdrawals, handover of heavy weapons, restoration of state institutions, and the resumption of political dialogue in line with relevant Security Council decisions, the Gulf