UN Security Council adds individuals, groups to North Korea sanctions list


UNITED NATIONS, June 3 (APP): Strongly condemning North Korea’s

nuclear weapons and ballistic missile development activities, the
United Nations Security Council Friday decided to apply existing
sanctions to 14 individuals and four entities.
Unanimously adopting a resolution, the 15-member body also
reaffirmed its decisions that the north-east Asian country should
abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programmes in a
complete, verifiable and irreversible manner, and immediately
cease all related activities.
Under the terms of the resolution, the Council condemned – in
the strongest terms – the country’s nuclear weapons and ballistic
missile development activities, including a series of ballistic
missile launches, dating back to Sept 9, 2016, which were conducted
– in violation and flagrant disregard – of the relevant Council
So far this year, North Korea has conducted nine ballistic
missile tests, including one on Monday.
In response, Council members have issued seven press statements,
most recent one on May 22, condemning the country’s actions and
expressing its readiness to take further significant measures,
including sanctions.
Today’s resolution contains one annex with the list of the 14
individuals who are now subject to travel ban and asset freeze and
a second annex with the list of the four entities subject to asset
Those sanction measures are specified in resolution 1718, which
was adopted in 2006.