UN Rights Council must force India to receive fact finding mission in IoK

Pakistan calls for immediate world attention to stop genocide by India in IOK

ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP): Pakistan delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Council has stressed that the Council must not fail the Kashmiri people and demand India to receive the fact finding mission in Occupied Kashmir as suggested by the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The delegate termed Indian attempts at casting aspersions on Pakistan, as an act of desperation by India.

It was trying to distract the attention of the international community from the terrible human rights situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoK), a press release of the Foreign Office Monday quoted the delegate as saying.

Pakistan delegate said the world did not believe in the lies
being spun out by India on this issue.

He further stressed that Jammu and Kashmir was not an Indian internal affair and that ‘this flies in the face of UN resolutions on the subject’.

India was resorting to the standard, discredited ploy of all occupying powers of terming resistance to oppression as terrorism.

He said it was the case with the apartheid regime in South Africa when it repeatedly termed Nelson Mandela as a terrorist.

He questioned whether eleven-year old Nasir Shafi Qazi Ahmed who was killed with hundreds of pellets by Indian security forces, was a terrorist, or those killed and blinded by the use of pellet guns since 8 July had been terrorists.

He pointed out that Indian claims of restraint in IoK were mind-boggling as one wondered what an unrestrained India would inflict on a defenseless population.

Pakistan delegate also denounced India for sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan directly through its state apparatus.

The arrest and the confessional statements of a serving Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Yadav revealed how India fueled terrorist activities in various parts of Pakistan, including Balochistan and FATA, and in other countries of the region.