UN Humanitarian Day to be marked tomorrow


ISLAMABAD, Aug 18 (APP):Like other parts of the globe, the United Nations’ (UN) World Humanitarian Day will be marked on August 19, across Pakistan to highlight the humanatarian cause, and those who had lost their lives in the cause of duty.
This day is being marrked every year on August 19 each year to.
day honors all humanitarians who have worked in the promotion of the humanitarian cause, and those who have lost their lives in the cause of duty.
It also aims to increase public awareness about humanitarian assistance activities worldwide and the importance of international cooperation.
World Humanitarian Day dedicated to humanitarians worldwide, as well
as to increase public understanding of humanitarian assistance activities.
Many communities and organizations try to increase the importance of
humanitarians by distributing publicity and information material. Additionally,some try to speak to the press to help spread these key messages of World Humanitarian Day, while other groups organize public events worldwide that feature humanitarian work.
For the year 2010 and beyond, it is anticipated that World
Humanitarian Day will focus on particular humanitarian themes to help increase public awareness.
Humanitarians provide life-saving assistance to millions of people
They place their own lives at risk to help others in conflict zones
and areas of natural hazards.
More than 700 humanitarian workers have died or experienced the mostĀ dangerous situations while trying to help those in need. Humanitarians provide support for different world challenges such as hunger, gender-based violence,refugees and displaced people, help for children, as well as clean water and access to sanitation.
Humanitarian Day does not have a logo because the day does not
“belong” to the UN or any other agency or organization. The media documentsĀ support the day by capturing images that show people helping others that are in need of assistance.