UN has yet to live up to its charter: NA Speaker

APP11-11 ISLAMABAD: April 11 - UN Assistant Secretary General Ms. Gerda Verburg called on Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in Parliament House. APP

ISLAMABAD, April 11 (APP): National Assembly Speaker Sardar
Ayaz Sadiq Tuesday said the stalemate in Kashmir, Iraq, Palestine
and Libya raised pertinent questions about the role of United Nations
in conflict resolution and the future of the world body dedicated to
protection of human rights, equality, social progress and peace.
He was speaking to UN Assistant Secretary General and Global
Coordinator of the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement Ms Gerda
Verburg, who called on him here at the Parliament House, a press
release said.
The speaker said the downtrodden, under-nourished and poverty
stricken people pinned their hopes on the United Nations which had
yet to live upto its own charter.
He highlighted that the UN stood as a silent spectator while
India reneged on the UN resolutions, launching violence, fake
encounters, enforced disappearances, rapes, murders, and the use
of pellet guns against defenceless population as its officially
sanctioned policy in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).
“ While the aggression and blatant violation of human rights
in Kashmir to silence the voice for self-determination of Kashmiris
continue unabated, the role of United Nations has been frustrating.”
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said any double standard at the UN forum
would risk the future of international cooperation for peaceful
resolution of conflicts and subsequently genuine human development.
He underlined the need for justice and equality at the UN, which,
he said, must not be utilized by certain states to torment others.
Referring to the unending and vicious cycle of violence and
instability in the Muslim world and the role of UN, the speaker
said the failure of United Nations to prevent the invasions
of Iraq and Libya under the false claims of ‘weapons of mass
destruction’ and subsequent mass destruction in the region had
discredited the world body.
People have expressed immense skepticism about the use of
chemical weapons in Syria as well, he added.
The speaker underlined the need for a serious debate at the
UN on international support to Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban and other
such groups, who disrupted the global peace and security.
The UN was not just a debating club rather a world body committed
and mandated to address pressing global challenges, he added.
While discussing the Sustainabale Development Goals (SDGs), the
Sardar Ayaz underlined the need for a unified global action against malnutrition in all its forms and urged the United Nations Assistant Secretary General to expedite efforts for fast-tracking progress on achievement of the SDGs 2030 Agenda.
He said Pakistan’s parliament was the first in the world to
establish a dedicated SDGs Secretariat. It was also the first ‘green
parliament’ in the world that provided surplus energy to the
National Grid under the ‘Net-Metering’ license, he added.
UN Assistant Secretary General Ms Gerda Verburg congratulated
the speaker on enabling Pakistan’s parliament to switch over
to solar power for meeting its energy needs. The Pakistani
parliament, she said, offered lessons for all parliaments to promote
sustainable energy.
She said the United Nations was committed to scale up efforts
in combating malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty across the
globe. Enhancing the capacity of the parliamentarians and parliamentary secretariat, she added, was highly imperative for accelerating progress
on achievement of the SDGs.