Swedish Maj.General named to head UN observer force in India and Pakistan

UNITED NATIONS, May 23 (APP): Spotlighting a new film by director Sean Penn, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has underlined the importance of the entertainment industry to help raise awareness about the state of humanitarian affairs worldwide.

“When you have a global star, [the message] can go far and wide and there is no time limit,” the secretary-general told viewers invited to the global premiere of Penn’s latest movie, The Last Face.

Screened on the eve of the opening of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in Istanbul, a two-day conference dedicated to finding more effective ways of
alleviating and preventing the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable people, the movie features Academy Award-winning actors Charlize Theron and Javier Bardem as relief
workers faced with difficult situations during civil unrest in an African nation.