UN General Assembly pays tribute to Ban's "never-tiring service to humanity"

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 5 (APP): Noting the rise of philanthropy in developing countries, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called charity  as “one of the best investments we can make in our common future.”

In a message marking the International Day of Charity, the secretary-general said the day serves as a call to every person to act  with solidarity and compassion in the face of human suffering. But for  this year’s observance, the world has a new focus for volunteering and giving: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Ban said that this new universal framework, with 17 goals at its core, is the most comprehensive and ambitious anti-poverty, pro-planet action  plan ever adopted by world leaders, and “for it to work, we must unleash  the full force of the human spirit.”

Global philanthropy continues to generate innovative approaches and provide much-needed resources, he said. An important new dimension was  the “dramatic rise” of philanthropy in the global South, which is leading new actors to become involved in addressing local and global challenges,
he said.

“I call on people everywhere to be part of our 15-year partnership  for humanity, and to help make the Sustainable Development Goals a  reality for all,” the secretary-general said.

In recognition of the role of charity in alleviating humanitarian
crises and human suffering within and among nations, as well as of the efforts of charitable organizations and individuals, including the work  of Mother Teresa, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated  5 September, the anniversary of Mother Teresa’s passing, as the International Day of Charity, in its resolution adopted in 2013.