UN chief acknowledges playing role to promote Indo-Pak talks on Kashmir

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UNITED NATIONS, June 20 (APP): UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres
Wednesday indirectly acknowledged that he was engaged in quiet diplomacy
to bring about a dialogue between India and Pakistan aimed at resolving
the decades-old Kashmir dispute.
“Why do you think I met three times the Prime Minister of Pakistan
(Mohammad Nawaz Sharif) and two times the Prime Minister of India
(Narendra Modi),” Guterres said with a smile, responding to a question
from a Pakistani journalist about the deteriorating situation in the
Indian occupied Kashmir and whether he was trying to bring a dialogue to promote peace between the two nuclear-armed nations.
“For someone accused of doing nothing, it is quite a number of
meetings,” he added, without elaborating.
So far the secretary-general has been expressing concern over the
escalating tensions between India and Pakistan amid repeated violations
of the Line of Control in the disputed region.
His spokesmen have been saying that he is monitoring the situation
and keeping a watch on it.