ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (APP): The economy of Ukraine was on fast track while the exports of wheat, barley and sunflower oil had touched new records and hopefully bumper harvest if repeated in 2017, GDP growth would surge, Ukrainian ambassador to Pakistan said.
According to a statement issued here Thursday, Ukrainian Ambassador Volodymyr Lakomov said agriculture had become “a locomotive of the Ukrainian economy” as per data of the central bank of Ukraine.
He said Pakistan could take the benefits from the experience and agro technology of Ukraine and boost it’s economic and agriculture sector.
He said the new irrigation projects which were being launched could help to boost the grain harvest to 100 million metric ton from 66 million ton and government taking steps for canceling a ban on selling farmland, a requirement of the nation’s $ 17.5 billion, bailout from the International Monetary Fund.
The shift could be seen in Ukraine’s goods exports, more than 40 percent of which were now agricultural products, while the share of ferrous metals had shrunk to a quarter.
Ukraine, a country of 45 million people, could one day produce enough food to feed half a billion, the ambassador hoped.
“Ukrainian economy despite Russian aggression and annexation of Crimea behaves better, overcomes difficulties.”
The ambassador also appreciated the recent statement of the US President Donald Trump asking Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine and reduce violence in Ukraine.