Ukraine is Pakistan’s reliable & constructive partner: Ambassador Lakomov

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ISLAMABAD, March 21 (APP): The Ukrainian Ambassador, Volodymyr Lakomov has said that Ukraine is a reliable and constructive partner of Pakistan and always stood with it at international and regional level.
He was addressing at a web-seminar, jointly organised by Embassy of
Ukraine in Pakistan, School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR) of Quaid-e-Azam University and the Institute of International Relations,
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.
The title of seminar was “25 years of bilateral relations between
Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: results and prospects”.
The Ambassador said that this year we celebrating the 25th
anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between
Ukraine and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Both the countries have always been friendly and sincere, based upon mutually beneficial cooperation, he said.
“Our friendly relations have developed steadily.The high level of
mutual understanding and trust between Ukraine and Pakistan in
political and diplomatic sphere has been remarkable” he added.
Volodymyr Lakomov, terming Pakistan among good friends, he said in the past 25 years, a military-technical collaboration remains one of the main pillars of the Ukrainian-Pakistani relations.
Pakistani military-industrial complex has the intention to continue a
collaboration with Ukraine in development of technologies and
production of military goods, in particular, in the construction and
service of the main battle tank of “Al-Khalid”, which is supplied to the Pakistani army and exported to other Muslim countries.
It was recently re-confirmed by signing of the Memorandum of
Understanding on cooperation between defense industries of Ukraine and Pakistan, which took place within the framework of the International
Defence Exhibition Idex-2017 in Abu-Dabi.
On the current stage of development of the Ukrainian-Pakistani
relations, there is an urgent need to apply the positive experience of
bilateral cooperation in military-technical sphere to the civil
aspects of our collaboration, he said.
Our two countries take interest in each other’s market and stress
their readiness to exploit huge unused potential for economic
There is a growing economic interaction between the business
communities of our two countries.The volume of bilateral trade in
the year 2014 reached its historical maximum of half billion US
dollars. In 2016 the volume of trade between Ukraine and Pakistan
amounted to over 162 million US dollars.
Ukrainian exports are dominated by grains and oilseeds, steel
products, machinery and dairy products. Pakistani exports to Ukraine
mainly consist of textile products, citrus fruits, rice, plastic and polymer materials. For the time being, the task for both sides is to create more
favorable conditions for building up mutually beneficial business
Primarily, it refers to the intensification of political contacts,
formation of a proper legal base for cooperation in the spheres of
trade, investment, finance, transport, launching productive
inter-regional, cross-industry cooperation, he emphasized.
Cultural heritage of Ukraine and Pakistan provides good background
for cooperation in this field. Ancient civilizations of Hindus valley
and Trypillia were one of the first great civilizations in the world.
Hence, there is a substantive background for interaction between
scholars, joint research and exhibition projects, he argued.
In December 2014 both parties successfully conducted joint project on issuance of a postal stamp “Mohenjo Daro-Trypillia”. In the past 25 years, our people-to-people exchanges flourished as well, he said.
Hundreds of Pakistani citizens have received higher education in
Ukrainian universities, i.e. in the National Aviation University;
Kharkov State Technical University of Civil Engineering and
Architecture – has semi-centennial traditions of specialists training
for international community; National Ukrainian Academy of Arts is a
state scientific and artistic institution in the field of art,
culture, and art history in Ukraine; Igor Sikorsky Kyiv polytechnic
institute; Vinnitsa National Medical University; Kharkiv National
Medical University.
Our experience in the past 25 years tells us that mutually beneficial
and pragmatic cooperation is the best way for countries to get along
with each other, and it serves their common interests.
Those years have been marked by reliable and trustworthy dialogue
between Ukraine and Pakistan in both bilateral and multilateral
settings, he said.
Chairman SPIR Nazir Hussain, Athar Abbas ambassador of Pakistan in
Ukraine also highlighted the good relationship of both countries.
Athar said that defence sector is boosting with the support of Ukraine
and Ukraine always stood with Pakistan in every difficult time.
He said that both states have great potential to boost the defence
trade, business and people to people contacts. Both countries are focusing to promote the culture, and Ukraine always acknowledged the sacrifices of Pakistan at every platform against the terrorism.
Athar said that besides killing of over 70,000 people in the war
against terror country faced huge financial losses which comes billion
of dollars in foreign exchange.
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would bring the development
and prosperity in the region and adding that it would bring political,
economic, social and environment changes also.
A large number of students, experts of international relations were
attended the web seminar at both sides.