Ukraine embassy to hold ceremony in memory of Holodomor victims On Nov 25

ISLAMABAD, Nov 23 (APP):Ukrainian Embassy would hold a ceremony in memory of victims of the artificial famine/genocide of 1932-33 also known in Ukrainian as “Holodomor” and a film showing event here on November 25.
Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Lakomov will address to the participant about the event and highlight the sacrifices of 7 million people, a press release Thursday said.
The term Holodomor refers specifically to the brutal artificial famine imposed by Stalin’s regime on Soviet Ukraine and primarily ethnically Ukrainian areas in the Northern Caucasus in 1932-33.
Stalin government was introduced a programme of agricultural collectivization that forces farmers to give up their private land, equipment and livestock, and join state owned, factory-like collective farms.
Stalin decided that collective farms would not only feed the industrial workers in the cities but could also provide a substantial amount of grain to be sold abroad, with the money used to finance his industrialization plans.
Many Ukrainian farmers, known for their independence, still refuse to join the collective farms, which they regarded as similar to returning to the serfdom of earlier centuries. Stalin introduces a policy of “class warfare” in the countryside in order to break down resistance to collectivization. The successful farmers are branded as the class enemy, and brutal enforcement by regular troops and secret police is used to liquidate them as a class.”