UK, Pakistan officials share best practices on public services


ISLAMABAD, Nov 14 (APP):Senior officials from the UK Cabinet Office, the Federal Government of Pakistan, and Governments of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh held a 2-days workshop to share best practices on public services concluded here Tuesday, UK High Commission said.
Drawing on expertise from the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, the Special Monitoring Unit in Punjab and the Strategic Support Unit in KP, participants discussed key challenges to the successful delivery of services and identified areas for improvement in Pakistan. These discussions not only contribute to improvements in service delivery in Pakistan, but provides key insights and lessons for government strategies and policy execution across the world.
In closing the workshop, the UK Department for International Development Head of Office, Joanna Reid CBE, said,“When Government fails to turn policy into action, it fails its citizens. This event is an opportunity to take stock of our shared experience of implementing and delivering policy. It is an opportunity to focus on learning, and to better understand what makes one policy or programme succeed and another fail.
Lessons learnt from this workshop will be used to develop ideas for how policy can be translated into action across Pakistan, and where practical on a global scale.” It is this challenge, the translation of policy into action that drives all governments, and underlines our partnership with the Government of Pakistan.’
Speaking at the workshop, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of KPK, Shahzad Khan Bangash said the delivery was usually the ultimate objective of all undertakings – individual, organizational and political. Governments across the globe strive to maximize returns on their investments and deliver on their political agenda and policies. With a clear vision, well thought through strategies and action plans on key priority areas, the Governments have come to understand the importance of a focused approach to effective delivery mechanisms through smart delivery units, both at National and Sub-National levels, he added.
The experience in KP has been so far very successful in delivering effectively on key Government priorities. DFID’s support in this regard has been of immense value.”
Secretary P&D, Government of Punjab, Iftikhar Ali Sahoo said that from Policy to Action demonstrated the success of Punjab and Pakistan’s approach to implementing key Government priorities for the betterment of the people. The sharing of lessons between provinces and with the Federal Government is central to our future success.”
Lessons from this workshop will be feed into a report which will be shared in Pakistan and internationally. This will significantly contribute to a small but growing field of knowledge on how to more effectively implement public policy.