UAE minister urges media to highlight climate-change challenges


SHARJAH, March 21 (APP):United Arab Emirates (UAE) Minister for Climate Change and Environment Thani Ahmed Alzeyoudi Thursday urged the media to effectively highlight the confronted challenges of climate change and suggest timely remedial measures to avoid natural catastrophes.
Addressing the participants on second day of the International Government Communications Forum (IGCF-2019) here, he warned that the changing climate patterns were causing floods, storms and generating heat waves. “These changes have swept away civilizations like Maya, and scientists have also warned South Africa of drought. We need to learn from such experiences.”
The minister said the UAE was an example of championing the principles of sustainability, which was started by its founding father, late Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, and continued by the current leadership.
“We have several strategies as reflected in the UAE Vision 2021 that aim at achieving balance between human consumption and environment protection,” he added.
He recounted several initiatives in the UAE like strong environmental legislation, celebrating National Environment Day in February, the national plan of sustainable production and consumption, tree plantation initiatives, observing the earth hour, launching awareness drives in schools and universities.
“The role of individuals and media is no less important than any government or private entities. Your participation is the key solution to climate change. Ignoring the accumulative impact of climate change on environment isn’t going to help us,” he remarked.