U.S. Embassy Donates Law Enforcement Equipment and Vehicles to Police


ISLAMABAD, May 23, (APP): High ranking Pakistani police officials received law enforcement and counter terrorism related equipments at an event held at Islamabad Police lines HQ here Tuesday.
According to American Embassy, the equipments handed over at the ceremony included vehicles, communication equipment, uniforms, and Crisis Response Team equipment, valued at over US $1 million.
The event was presided over by Deputy Inspector General Islamabad Police Ashrif Zubair Saddiqi, with the American Embassy represented by Deputy Regional Security Officer Rob Meyer.
The donations are being provided by the U.S. Department of State’s Anti-Terrorism Assistance (ATA) program, which provides training and equipment to law enforcement personnel throughout the world.
The ATA has partnered with Pakistani law enforcement agencies at the provincial and federal level since 2003 to strengthen Pakistan’s counter-terrorism capabilities, training well over three thousand officers from various law enforcement agencies throughout Pakistan, and has previously donated approximately $3.3 million in equipment to Pakistan since the inception of the program.