Typhoon forces evacuation of over 4,000 in east China


FUZHOU, Aug 22 (APP/Xinhua): Hato, the 13th typhoon this year, has
forced the evacuation of more than 4,000 people, as it moves towards China’s southeast coast.
The typhoon is likely to land in the coastal area of south China’s
Guangdong Province on Wednesday morning, as it was moving to the west at a speed of 20 km per hour on Tuesday morning, according to local meteorological authorities.
In Guangdong’s neighboring Fujian Province, more than 4,000 fish
farmers and their families, retreated to the land on Monday, and all fishing boats returned to harbor Tuesday.
The typhoon is expected to bring rain and gales with a maximum speed of
around 40 meters per second to the sea off Fujian.
Around 90 bullet trains between Shenzhen and cities in Fujian and
Jiangxi provinces ahave been cancelled for Wednesday.