Trump’s immigration policy cause spike in foreign marriages to avoid deportation

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WASHINGTON, April 9 (APP): An uncertainty caused by a crackdown on illegal immigrants by the new Trump administration has caused a spike in marriages between foreign nationals and their American fiancees to avoid being deported.
There have been several arrests reported across the United States since President Trump announced to come hard on undocumented immigrants as part of counter-terrorism efforts that also include ban on travel for citizens from six Muslim countries.
However, the ban intended to be enforced through two executive orders by President Trump is facing legal hurdles after being challenged by several states which are opposing tough measures against an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans and Latinos but also included people from Asian countries.
According to a report published in the Boston Globe, a number of foreign nationals and their American fiancees are accelerating their wedding plans to acquire legal status. Most of such coupled include foreign students.
A marriage with American citizen enables foreign nationals to attain a green card, which gives them permanent residency. But, such coupled will have to prove that their marriage is legal and not a hoax just to get the residency status. After getting a green card, foreigners can then work through becoming US citizens.
“I started to get very nervous around November,” said a medical student who was quoted by the report who asked not to be identified out of fear that it could impact plan to get married. The unpredictable nature of what’s going on has put a lot of people on edge, and certainly put me on edge.”
Since taking charge of the White House in January, President Trump has taken several measures to harden rules that have taken away protections that prevented deportation for undocumented immigrants.
Among new rules is the requirement for local law enforcement
to assist federal immigration authorities to nab the undocumented
aliens. But, in addition to measures against illegal immigrants,
even those with legal documents have faced problems. For instance, immigrants with valid visas have been detained when trying to
reenter the country.
As opposed to the previous practice, even those with clean record are being deported, according to news reports.
According to the report, the number of people who obtained green cards by marrying a US citizen rose 7 percent between 2013 and 2015, but the recent crackdown has suddenly caused spike in these numbers.
“Clerks in cities around the country reported an increase in marriage license applications immediately following Trump’s election,” the report said citing latest news reports.
Between November and mid-March, more than 1,800 marriage licenses were filed in the city of Boston, a 20 percent increase over the same time period the year before.