Trump to meet British PM in first meeting with foreign leader

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WASHINGTON Jan 22 (APP) : US President Donald Trump will
receive British Prime Minister Theresa May later this week in
his first meeting with a foreign leader early into his term,
the White House announced Saturday.
The meeting, due to take place on Friday, was announced
during a briefing by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.
Press reports in Britain, however, referred to the
planned visit to Washington by May as a ‘major diplomatic
coup’ for the prime minister for becoming the first European
leader to ‘secure’ an official meeting with the new US
Beating other European leaders to the White House
after Trump’s inauguration has also been described by B
ritish media as a key objective for May and her government
since he surprisingly defeated his Democratic rival Hillary
Clinton in the 2015 election.
The development comes as May is overseeing the UK’s
departure from the European Union, or Brexit, which was
approved in a national referendum amid a swell of
anti-establishment enthusiasm similar to what led to
the stunning victory of politically inexperienced Trump in
the US presidential race.
Washington’s invitation of May this week is viewed
as ‘evidence of Trump’ genuine willingness to help Britain
make a success of Brexit, according to a Guardian report,
which also described the development as ‘an implicit snub
to the EU, which Trump has described as a mere ‘vehicle’
for Germany in the eyes of other European leaders.
According to British media reports, high on the agenda
of the May-Trump meeting will be discussions on plans for
a post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the US as
well as continued Washington’s lead role in the NATO
military alliance.
May extended her congratulations to Trump following his
inauguration on Friday and has said that she believes Trump
does recognize the significance of NATO even though he had
referred to the Western military alliance as “obsolete” just
days ago.
May and her team regard the White House meeting with Trump
“as a chance not only to show that the president is on side with
her plans to develop new trade arrangements with Washington after
Britain leaves the European Union, but also more broadly to
re-emphasize that the special relationship between the two
countries is alive and well in the broadest sense,” The
Guardian said.