Trump likely to keep US Embassy in Tel Aviv for now: report

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NEW YORK, June 1 (APP): President Donald Trump is likely to keep the
United States Embassy in Tel Aviv for the time being instead of moving it to Jerusalem, according to US media reports.
The president, who during his 2016 presidential campaign advocated for the move, would have to cite national security interests as his reasoning to renew a six-month waiver supported by every president since Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995.
An official told CNN that while a final decision has not been reached,
the administration has prepared documents for both options.
The action of moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is
“something the president supports, something he supported during the campaign, something he still supports,” the official told the television network. “If he signs the wavier this week, that will not be indicative of him reversing his opinion; it will just be a question of timing. It will be when, not if.”
The president still backs moving the embassy but does not believe now is the right time due to possible peace negotiations, the report said.
Trump during his first trip abroad earlier this month met with both
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
Speaking at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem during his trip, Trump
expressed his hope for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
“And we know that peace is possible if we put aside the pain and
disagreements of the past and commit together to finally resolving this crisis,” Trump said during his first visit to Israel as president.
“I am personally committed to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve
a peace agreement.”