Trump called his AG ‘idiot’; asked him to resign over Russia: Report

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NEW YORK, Sept 15 (APP): US President Donald Trump called his Attorney General Jeff Sessions “an idiot” earlier this year and said he should resign after learning that a special counsel had been appointed to lead the investigation into his campaign aides’ ties to Russia, The New York Times reported Friday.
Sessions later told friends Trump’s demeaning tirade during an Oval
Office meeting in May was the most humiliating experience in his decades of public life, the newspaper said, citing several current and former administration officials.
Trump blamed Sessions for the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel because the attorney general recused himself from the Russia probe, a move Trump believed was disloyal.
Sessions said he would quit, and even sent a letter of resignation to
the White House, the Times reported, citing sources.
But aides convinced Trump that firing Sessions after already firing FBI
Director James Comey would only cause more problems.
Trump publicly criticized Sessions in July, saying during an interview
that he would not have chosen Sessions to serve as attorney general had he known he would recuse himself. The president has also taken aim at Sessions on Twitter.
Sessions said in July he had no plans to leave his post.
According to the Times, allies of Sessions said he chose to remain in the job because he thinks of it as a “once-in-a-lifetime” chance to crack down on illegal immigration.