Train operations restored

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LAHORE, July 23 (APP): Pakistan Railways Minister
Khawaja Saad Rafique Sunday said that no compromise will
be made on the lives of passengers, and no one will be
allowed to suspend trains operation for their criminal
Talking to media persons, he said
that all those trains had been set off to the destinations,
which had been stopped by a group of strikers,in the
He appreciated the PR officers, divisional superintendents
and workers for their hard work to restore the system. He
welcomed those drivers who joined the train operation system
by rejecting the strike group of drivers.
The minister sought apology from the passengers for facing
problems due to strike by a group of irresponsible drivers who
upset the operation system. He also assured that smooth train
operation according to the schedule would be ensured within
the 24 hours.
Earlier, in the midnight a group of drivers had announced
strike and refused to operate trains for their several demands
including restoration of those six drivers who were found
guilty and responsible for killing of several human lives
in dangerous accidents including Awam Express, Zekriya Express
and goods trains accidents.
However, the PR administration assured them about the
acceptance of their tru and acceptable demands.