APP07-23 ISLAMABAD: April 23 – Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidullah Khan chairing a ceremony to introduce environment friendly zigzag brick kiln. APP photo by Javed Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, Apr 23 (APP): Minister for Climate Change, Mushahidullah Khan on Monday said conversion of traditional brick kiln into environment friendly Zig-zag brick kiln would help reduce 30 to 40 per cent coal consumption.
Addressing an inaugural ceremony held here to introduce ‘Environment friendly Zig-zag brick kiln, he said the basic objective behind this initiative was to bring energy security and environmentally friendly green revolution.
The minister said there were 18,000 traditional brick kiln while local coal was source of running around 15,000 and added it was difficult to convert all of them, but efforts were being made to achieve the task and convert them into Zig-zag brick kiln.
The ceremony was also attended by DG Climate Change Irfan Tariq, president brick kiln association, Shoaib Khan Niazi, Asad Mehmood (NEECA) and brick kiln honors from different parts
of the country.
Mushahidullah Khan also said the Ministry would provide every possible support in this regard.
He further said that the gas emission was due to industrial revolution that was caused by developed countries. The emissions are negatively impacting various sectors of human beings
including agriculture, water scarcity, health, and livestock. The under developed countries are most affected by climate change and do not have modern technology to combat climate change.
He advised to plant more trees for ensuring environment friendly atmosphere in the country.
He said that it was moral and social obligation to properly disposed off solid waste to avoid its health hazards effects in human health.
President, Brick Kiln Association urged the government to make environment friendly model
Zig-zag brick kilns and arrange tanning programmer for Zig-zag brick kiln.
On this occasion, Ambassador of Nepal in Pakistan, Ms Sewa lamsal Adhikari said that Nepal would cooperate fully traditional brick kiln in converting the Zig-zag brick kiln.