Tomato price decreases in posh areas of ICT

ISLAMABAD, Apr 5 (APP): The tomato prices in the local market
which had witnessed sharp increase during recent days would come to
its normal level soon as the local tomato crop would start arriving
in the markets shortly.
The main reason behind recent price hike was the rising gap
between demand and supply of the commodity in the local markets
which would be bridged by the arrival of local crop from the Punjab
Province, said official of Ministry of National Food Security and
Talking to APP here on Wednesday he informed that other reason
behind the recent price hike of tomatoes was long prevailing cold
spell in the country, which had reduced the local production by 2
Besides, he said that the domestic requirements were fulfilled
by importing the tomatoes from the neighboring country Afghanistan
through Chaman Boarder.
Due to the border closure for security reasons imports of the
tomatoes were reduced by 46 percent, which had also slowed down the
supply of the commodity in the local markets and led the price spark
in local markets, he remarked.
The hoarding, he said and panic baying was another reason of
the recent commodity price hike, adding that all the provincial
chief secretaries have being directed to take action against those
involved in artificial price hike and hoarding of the commodity to
bring the prices at normal rate.
However, he said that situation would become normal and prices
of tomatoes would considerably reduced with in a week.
He said that the tomato crop from Punjab would start arriving
in the local market which would stabilize the prices of the tomatoes
in the local markets.
It may be recalled that tomato prices in the retail markets of
twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad had witnessed sharp increase
during recent days and was being sold at Rs 180 per kg as against
the official fixed market rates of Rs 130 per kg.
According to the prices list issued by the Chief Commissioner
Office here Wednesday the tomatoes prices of first category were
fixed at Rs 130 per kg, where as b-grade tomato price were fixed at
Rs 88 per kg for the consumers.
Besides, the vendors were selling fruits and vegetables at
higher prices against the official fixed rates and fleecing the
consumers .
The Market Committee has fixed the prices of different
vegetables in the local markets included lady finger at
Rs 142 per kg, garlic local Rs 175 per kg, pumpkin Rs 55, fresh bean
at Rs 75 per kg, cucumber Rs 28-22 per kg and green chilli at Rs 65
per kg.
The prices of fruits including apple kala kolu at Rs 150-110
per kg, apple golden Rs 128-75, apple white Rs 112-72, banana local
Rs 120-71, banana Indian Rs 158-130 per dozen.