Timely amendment can avoid delay in general election: Saad Rafique

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LAHORE, Nov 04 (APP):Federal Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Saturday that next general election could be delayed if constitutional amendment regarding delimitation of constituencies was not made on time.
Talking to media here at Jati Umrah, he opined that constitutional amendment was inevitable with changes/modification in the assembly seats/constituencies due to new census. He added that election could delay, if the parliament did not make amendment in the relevant laws within given time period.
Responding to journalists’ queries, he advised PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PPP Co-Chairman Asif Zardari to first support the PML-N on this important amendment which was necessary after the new census, and then went for their public meetings.
Despite reduction of nine seats of Punjab, the PML-N leader said that his party accepted the results of the census and did not go for any agitation as this was not agenda of Nawaz-League.
He mentioned that they were not eager to meet Zardari and they did not want him, asserting that it was utmost necessary to make the constitutional amendment to ensure timely holding of general election and all the parties must fulfill their constitutional responsibilities in this regard. The political parties should not disrupt their mutual relation at any cost, he suggested.
Khawaja Saad said that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) reaction over the issue of census was beyond comprehension, as it was not democratic rather a dubious attitude.
He added that all the political parties must get serious over this important issue to avoid delay in delimitation of constituencies after the new census in the country and subsequently, conducting of next general election.
At least, he said, political parties should not obstruct the smooth and timely holding of general election, for which delimitation of constituencies and constitutional amendment was indispensable.
To a question, he ruled out any divide in the PML-N, and said it was not on way to clash with the institutions, citing that the party was stood firm on its principle of supremacy of the Constitution.
To a query, he said that Nawaz Sharif would definitely appear before the court and being a responsible Pakistani he had to leave his ailing wife for this purpose. Despite reservations, Nawaz Sharif being democratic leader had been appearing before the court of law.
To a question, he said there was not any meeting of PML-N and he visited Jati Umrah just to meet his Quaid for a personal matter.