Those using politics for personal gains must be accountable: CM

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LAHORE, Oct 22 (APP):Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif said the PML-N government had always considered politics
as the means of serving people and during the last four years,
the PML-N government had set new examples of public service.
He expressed these views while talking to a delegation
of office-bearers and workers of PML-N.
The CM said that no other example of fast development in
the 70-year history of Pakistan was found yet and that was
the reason Muslim League is still the country’s most popular
party also through its common attributes like public service,
patience and hard work it will achieve victory in the next
general election.
The Chief Minister said that the people who try to make
politics a mean of completing their private agenda would never
succeed. Those who are compromising national interest for
their vested interests, they could never be loyal to public
and such politicians would be held accountable by public,
he added.
The Chief Minister said that our public won’t endure the
politics of chaos, impeachment and lie likewise at every
step they have rejected those who were involved in negative
politics so surely these elements would confront failure in
the general elections of 2018.
Furthermore, he said that prime focus of the development
strategy of PML-N government was the welfare and prosperity
of common man and our government is working round the clock
for this purpose. He said that the defeated political elements
who took politics as a sports and entertainment should pity
the masses now and let the development voyage of public move
Shehbaz Sharif claimed that despite the obstacles created
by political opponents, development projects had been completed
speedily with transparency. Fast development made during the
tenure of PML (N) was appearing to be a bone of content for
opponent and rather than delivering public service of their
part they were now opposing the welfare projects of the people.
Political opponents should remember that no attempt to halt
progress of Pakistan would succeed. He warned such politicians
not to waste any more time of public and also stop getting
annoyed by seeing the rapid development of the country.
Moreover, he added that those who had left public with
miseries and sufferings were unable to digest their changing
destiny but they should admit now that change could be
attained only by hollow slogans and claims rather success
comes from real service of the community. The day and night
service and hard work of PML (N) has helped Pakistan in
achieving its dream of development, he claimed and added
further that Pakistan needs unity not hypocrisy to move
The Chief Minister said that we as a whole need to
push ahead with accord and just common collaboration can
help the country to get back its lost goal.