Those blaming government for loadshedding themselves responsible for crisis: PM

APP56-05 NEELUM-JHELUM: May 05 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif along with President AJ&K, Prime Minister AJ&K and other ministers performing the breakthrough of Head-Race Tunnel of Neelum-Jhelum Hydro Power project. APP

NEELUM JHELUM, May 5 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday said those accusing the present government of not overcoming electricity loadshedding were themselves responsible for the ongoing crisis.
“Those who blame us for loadshedding are in fact the real cause behind this grave power shortage that has added misery to the life of common man,” he said in his address at the breakthrough ceremony of Right Head-Race Tunnel of Neelum Jhelum project.
He said it was disturbing to see that negligence during the previous
governments on electricity generation had made the life of people difficult.
“The people bear scorching heat in summers due to electricity loadshedding and shiver in winters due to loadshedding of gas. How come the previous governments remained apathetic to these issues?,” he said.
He said only nation itself could hold accountable these people responsible for their problems.
Nawaz Sharif said uninterrupted supply of electricity was a must in today’s world and mentioned that high rates of electricity had made it difficult for the local products to compete in international markets.