Thirty two matches decided in Agha memorial basketball tournament


LAHORE,Aug 3 (APP)- A heavy programme was gone through on the opening day
of the First Agha Arshad 3×3 Basketball Tournament at the University of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry here on Thursday.
In all thirty three matches were decided and all the teams had easy
sailing to the next round, following are results of the matches Islamabad beat Mianchunna 22-10. Don Boxco-A (UM) beat Allied Club 15-11. Don Boxco-A (EM) beat RAM Club 8-3. Don Boxco-C (UM) beat YMCA-B 17-6. Islamabad-B beat Eagle Daska 20-9. Don Boxco-B (EM) beat Don Boxco-D (EM) 15-8. Khanewal-B beat Lahore Club 11-7. Multan-A beat New Age 9-5. Wapda-A beat Brothers Club 10-8. University of Lahore beat DHA-B 12-5. PAF-B beat Don Boxco-C (EM) 15-8. Don Boxco-A (EM) beat YMCA-B 21-3. PAF-A beat New Age 22-5. Multan-A beat Khanewal-B 5-2. YMCA-A beat DHA-A 7-6. Frank Five-B beat Islamabad-C 13-11. University of Lahore-B beat Young Brothers 9-8. Brothers Club beat DHA-B 7-3. Frank Five-C beat Don Boxco-B (UM) 12-5. Rawalpindi beat Multan-B 10-8. Frank Five-A beat Khanewal-A 18-3. Peace Club beat Majis Club 6-0. Wapda-B beat Frank Five-B 15-6. YMCA-A beat Islamabad-C 9-8. Wapda-D beat Multan-B 9-8. Frank Five-C beat Rawalpindi 10-6. Don Boxco-A (UM) beat University of Lahore-A 6-5. Don Boxco-B (EM) beat Bashir Club 18-16. Islamabad-B beat Don Boxco-B (EM) 11-6.