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ISLAMABAD, Nov 16 (APP): Minister of State for Education and Professional Training, Engr. Baligh-ur-Rehman on Wednesday said things have started improving after effective implementation of Zarb-e-Azb and National Action Plan (NAP).
Situation of our country was grave in terms of terrorism
in 2013. Acts of terrorism minimized, foreign investment came back
to Pakistan, tax to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio improved,
confidence and trust of international community in Pakistan returned
and this was all because of our resolve against terrorism, he said.
He was talking to Ambassador of United Arab Emirates (UAE),
Essa Abdulla Al Basha Al Noaimi and his delegation which called on
him here.
The agenda of meeting was to enhance cooperation between the two
countries including special cooperation regarding Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centers in Pakistan.
The Minister said, “We would like to collaborate with UAE
in promoting true image of Islam.”
About Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centers in Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar),
Baligh-ur-Rehman said the government had increased their grants to more than Rs 1 million per year in 2015 which is Rs 39.214 million for Lahore Center, Rs 32.91 million for Peshawar Center and Rs 34.374 million for Karachi Center.
“But we still think that more funding is required for these Centers
to start new programmes. These Centers are rolling out great ideas like Shariah Compliance and Islamic Banking,” the Minister added.
Moreover, he said, “We are revisiting our National Education
Policy and National Curriculum. We could make these Centers align
with NAP and give them research grants to find solutions to fight
terrorism through Islamic teachings.”
He said Prime Minister of Pakistan has already constituted
a committee on restructuring of these Centers in order to make them
more effective.
Ambassador Essa said the relationship between UAE and
Pakistan has always been very cooperative since Sheikh Zayed’s time
“Pakistan is an important country and we would like to benefit from
vision of present government regarding fighting terrorism and extremism in Pakistan in particular and in Muslim Ummah in general”, said Essa Al Noaimi.
“We would like to enhance cooperation in consolidating image of Islam.
It is high time that Muslim Ummah should get united against extremist elements and should present real version of Islamic ideology in front of the world,” he added.
Ambassador Essa Al Noaimi said UAE liked to revive 1985 agreement
with Pakistan regarding Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centers, adding that joint cooperation should be promoted in order to fight extremism.
“We should hold regular meetings to discuss strategies and
also monitor and evaluate progress of the plan,” he said.
The meeting was attended by Federal Secretary Haseeb Athar,
Muhammad Obaid Al Mazroui, Executive Director General, Authority of
Islamic Affairs and Endowment UAE, Saif Almazrooei Auqaf UAE, Ali
Suwaidi UAE, Ali Alkeibi UAE and other officials of the Ministry.