Tharparkar to be flourishing, prosperous region due to Thar coal project: Governor Sindh

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ISLAMKOT, Oct 28 (APP):Tharparkar will be known as a flourishing, prosperous region of Sindh because Thar Coal project is Pakistan’s introduction to a bright, energy-affluent future.
The project work being done in Thar Block II is of international standard, said the Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair while talking to media and inaugurating the Thar Foundation-established TCF School Engro Campus at Islamkot on Saturday.
He was quite clear in asserting that the Thar Coal project is all set to change Pakistan’s future in terms of energy.
The TCF’s Engro Campus at Islamkot for 1000 students has been established by the Thar Foundation with the financial and technical support from Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) and Engro Powergen Thar Limited (EPTL).
He said the work being undertaken in the health, education, livelihood and agriculture, and women empowerment are heralded to a point of time in near future when Tharparkar will be known as a flourishing, prosperous region of the province.
The Governor took a comprehensive tour of Pakistan’s first open pit coal mine at Block II and adjoining power plant, model house, and green park as well. While inside the pit, the Governor also marked the 100 meter depth by unveiling a ceremonial plaque.
He said that the Thar Foundation’s work in the sectors of health, education, livelihood, and agriculture is unprecedented in the social development sector, and that it should be widened to embrace the entire Islamkot Tehsil and not just Block II.
He also met the first Thari woman engineer of the project, Kiran Sadhwani. Throughout his visit, he was accompanied by Chairman Dawood Group Hussain Dawood, President Engro Corporation Ghias Khan, Chief Executive Officer Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) Shamsuddin Ahmad Shaikh, Commissioner Mirpurkhas Shafiq Ahmed Mahesar, DIG Mirpurkhas Mazhar Nawaz Shaikh, DC Tharparkar and officials of the SECMC, EPTL, and Thar Foundation.
Earlier, the Governor was briefed on the progress of the power plant under construction to produce 660MW power and 100 meters achievement of the coal mine. Briefing the Governor about the project progress, SECMC CEO, Mr Shaikh said that their aim is to turn project affectees into project beneficiaries.