Thailand to provide assistance for restoration of Ghandhara Archelogical sites

Thailand to provide assistance for restoration of Ghandhara Archelogical sites

ISLAMABAD, Jan 16 (APP): Thailand Government will provide
assistance for restoration and maintenance of Ghandhara
Archeological Sites in Taxila and Swat.
This was stated by Managing Director Pakistan Tourism
Development Corporation (PTDC) Ch. Abdul Ghafoor Khan, after his
meeting with Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand Suchart
“After restoration of law and order situation in Pakistan, the
Thai tourist flow is once again showing a remarkable increase over
the previous two years,” he said.
He said that the significance of Buddhist civilization remains
in Pakistan for Thai people can boost up tourist flow to Pakistan as
a result of proper publicity. He added that “I am surprised to
realize that above 33 million tourists visit Thailand every year and
we are ready to learn from their experience by adopting the
strategies of Thailand tourism industry,”.
Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said Pakistan is the custodian of Gandhara
Buddhist Civilizations and there are numerous holy places in
Pakistan of the great value for Thai Buddhist people.
Managing Director PTDC urged that it would be highly
appreciated to arrange a visit to Thailand to have experience of
Tourism industry in Thailand.
He also inform the Ambassador that during his visit to
Thailand he would like to meet with the Chairman of Tourism
Authority and chief of the tourist Police of Thailand and also meet
with the tour operators and travel agents.
The Ambassador assured the Managing Director PTDC for his
support for promotion of tourism in Pakistan especially in religious
Ch. Abdul Ghafoor informed Thai Ambassador that Publicity
material on Ghandhara will be published in Thai language soon. We
will also provide links to Thailand Embassy in Pakistan and Embassy
of Pakistan in Thailand on our website.
“PTDC will invites travel writers to project Ghandhara
Heritage and highlight tourist attractions of Pakistan to enhance
the soft image of Pakistan in Thailand,” he said.
The Managing Director said bilateral cooperation in the
field of tourism as per vision of the Prime Minister of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan regarding promotion of tourism in the country
is essential.
PTDC intends to sign MoU with Thai Air for promotion of
tourism in Pakistan. The Ambassador of Thailand appreciated the idea
given by the MD PTDC for promotion of tourism on the following
The Ambassador of Thailand told the MD PTDC that the Thailand
embassy will invite four chief monks as guests. PTDC will extend the
local hospitality in Pakistan.
The Ambassador showed keen interest in organizing a Buddha
Heritage exhibition in Thailand to attract the Buddhist tourists to
visit Pakistan to see their religious sites at Taxila, Thakt Bhai
and Swat.
The MD PTDC said the Buddhists conference will be
arranged to invite the Buddhist Scholars and tour operators to
attend the conference.