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LAHORE, Aug 14 (APP): Federal Minister for Railways
Khawaja Saad Rafique said on Sunday that terrorists were
meeting their logical end and with the grace of Almighty
Allah, terrorism would be rooted out completely from the

Talking to the media after inaugurating the rest
places for porters at Lahore Railway Station, he said
peaceful and prosperous country would be given to the
coming generations.

“We have to move forward and not need to talk about
hopelessness and levelling of baseless allegations, adding
that hunger and ignorance is not the fate of the nation”,
he added.

The minister said that as Railways had been improved
with collective efforts similarly the country would be
uplifted by forging unity.

He said that it would have been good, if today on
(Independence Day) some people talked about the progress
and development of the country instead of crying and moaning.

He said that decision had been taken that red coloured
dress of porters would be replaced with green coloured dress
adding that unfortunately, in past, no steps had been taken
for workers.

He said that at every big railway station, rest places
consisting of two rooms would be made for porters where
facilities like clean drinking water, LCDs, washrooms and
sleeping arrangements would be provided.

Benches would be built at their workplace for providing
them proper place to sit, he added.

He said that Rs 50 had been fixed as per visit fee of
porters for carrying luggage and at railway stations porters
would do their work on turn basis.

He said that lifts would be installed at big railway
stations for the convenience of porters.

Saad Rafique said that Railway income had been increased
from Rs 18 billion to Rs 36 billion in three years.

E-ticketing system would soon be started and planning
for next 12 years was being made for putting Pakistan railways  on modern lines, he added.

The minister said that Azadi Train had been run to
provide information to youth about its past, present and
future which, he said, would pass through all provinces
after covering thousand miles.