Terrorists, facilitators be annihilated with unity: CM


LAHORE, July 26 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif said on Wednesday that terrorists and their
facilitators would be completely annihilated with the power
of unity and cohesion.
The Chief Minister expressed these views while talking
to a delegation of Pakistan Muslim League-N who called on
him, here Wednesday.
“Pakistan belongs to all of us and we shall work jointly
for making it to move forward”, he added. He said terrorism,
fanaticism and sectarianism were not the destiny of the people
and such menaces had no place in Pakistan of Quaid-e-Azam
Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Pakistanis are a brave nation and
its sacrifices in war against terrorism were acknowledged
everywhere, he added.
The commitment of Pakistani nation was even higher than
the challenge of terrorism and the country would be made
a heaven of peace by defeating the menace of terrorism at
every cost.
He said that officers, jawans of Pak army and their
children, police officers, jawans and members of other
security agencies have rendered immortal sacrifices in
the war against terrorism and added that the people have
also shed their blood in this anti-terrorism crusade.
The holy land is burning in the fire of terrorism for
the last many decades and the facilitators siding with
the cowards hitting the police officials and innocent
citizens deserve exemplary punishment and no leniency
can be given to them, he said. The terrorists targeting
the innocent citizens were not even eligible to be called
as humans and they were rather like savage beasts, he added.
He said that martyred persons sacrificing their lives
in the war against terrorism cannot be retracted but the
revenge of precious blood of these martyrs will be taken
at every cost. He said that war against terrorism was the
war of our survival. Thousands of Pakistanis have embraced
martyrdom but this has not lessened the commitment of our
nation against the terrorism, he said.
The CM said that it is not an
ordinary warfare as it is the battle of our as well as that
of coming generations’ survival. He added that the coward
activities of the terrorists cannot weaken the strong commitment
of Pakistani nation. Our enemies are conspiring against the
motherland but the nation will never let the nefarious designs
of the enemies succeed.
The nation has failed every attempt of creating unrest in
the country with the power of unity and cohesion and no such
conspiracy will be allowed to succeed in future as well. On
one side, the enemies are conspiring to dent the solidarity
of the country and on the other side some defeated political
elements are creating hindrances against Pakistan which is
fast moving on the road to prosperity. They are doing it to
satiate their evil ego. It’s time to maintain unity instead
of creating any disunity in the nation and we should think
for the country and die for it because we all owe everything
to Pakistan, he added.