Terrorist, extremist mentality biggest threat to world peace: CM


LAHORE, Sept 20 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif said that terrorist and extremist mentality was the biggest threat to world peace while poverty, injustice, ignorance, deprivation as well as aggressive and expansionist designs were a massive hurdle in the way of achievement of this cherished objective.

He said that the goal of a lasting peace could not be achieved without elimination of racial and religious discrimination within and outside geographical frontiers. He said that Pakistan was playing a vanguard role in the efforts for peace and harmony in the world.

He said that Pakistan has been facing terrorism and extremism for the last many years and while terrorism had destroyed peace and tranquility in the country, it has also caused a huge loss to national economy.

He said that terrorists have shed the blood of innocent Pakistanis in streets, bazaars, educational institutions, mosques, Imam Barghas and other worship places. But, he said, credit goes to Pakistan Muslim League-N government that during its tenure, political and military leadership evolved a comprehensive National Action Plan with mutual consensus for rooting out the menace of terrorism and extremism from Pakistan and effective measures had been taken in the country especially Punjab for this purpose.

He said that it was the result of effective implementation of National Action Plan that peace had been restored in the country.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the strategy evolved for elimination of terrorism and extremism was not merely a plan but a vision for eradication of terrorism and it was being furthered as a movement. He said that peace and normalcy is returning to the country due to implementation of National Action Plan.

The Chief Minister said the Punjab government, under National Action Plan had made necessary amendments in the laws for enhancing punishments while it had also set up a modern and highly trained Counterterrorism Force, first time in the history of the country, which is playing a key role in the elimination of terrorism and maintenance of peace in the province.

Similarly, he said, punitive action had been intensified against offenders under Tenancy Act, Wall Chalking Amendment Act, Arms Amendment Act, Punjab Sound System Act 2015 and Public Order Act 2015 and action is being taken without any discrimination.

The Chief Minister said that measures taken under National Action Plan had laid the basis for peace in the province and law and order situation in Punjab was better than others and a large number of investors from different countries are making investment in the province.

In a message on World Peace Day, the Chief Minister said the steps being taken with regard to implementation of National Action Plan were yielding positive results and Pakistan was more secure and peaceful today than before.

He said that the war against terrorism was the war for survival of future generations and had to be won at any cost. He said that Pakistani nation was determined to root out terrorism and extremism and this menace would be eradicated from the country with the force of unity.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the purpose of observing World Peace Day was to highlight the importance of peace and to draw attention to the efforts of individuals and different institutions towards setting up of a peaceful society.

He said that the World Peace Day also reminds to accelerate the endeavors for the maintenance of peace and law and order. He said that on this day, the pledge to avoid war and to live in peace for survival of mankind should be renewed.

He said that Pak Army had achieved glorious successes in operation Zarb-e-Azb and broken the back of terrorists. He said that a decisive war was being fought on every front against terrorism, extremism and sectarianism and the final victory would be of Pakistani nation.