TDAP sends 3,227 abroad to attend international trade fairs


ISLAMABAD, Sep 10 (APP): Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has sent 3,227 traders from local companies abroad to participate in different fairs and exhibitions during last three years.

TDAP provided a platform to exhibitors to enhance Pakistan’s market share in countries where the exhibitions are arranged.

Issuing an year-wise data, official sources on Saturday said of the total, 1039 exporters were facilitated during 2013-14, 1022 during 2014-15 and 1,166 participants were sent abroad during 2015-16 to attend trade related events.

The sources said during the period 857 traders were sent to Europe to attend different exhibitions and fairs. Of the total sent to Europe, 252 participants sent in 2013-14, 281 during 2014-15 and 324 during 2015-16.

Similarly, during the period 183 traders were sent to Africa to attend different exhibitions and fairs. Of the total sent to Africa, 55 participants sent in 2013-14, 66 during 2014-15 and 62 during 2015-16.

The sources said during last three years, 1758 traders were sent to Asia/Middle East and China to attend different exhibitions and fairs organised there. Of the total sent to these destinations, 602 participants sent in 2013-14, 515 during 2014-15 and 641 during 2015-16.

Another destination was America where TDAP facilitated 429 Pakistani traders during the period and their year-wise number was 130 participants in 2013-14, 160 during 2014-15 and 139 during 2015-16.

The sources said according to “Guidelines for Participation in International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions” 15 per cent of participants will be new exporters and women entrepreneurs where preference will be given to manufacturing exporters.

At least one-woman entrepreneur will be encouraged to join every event as an exhibitor/exporter.