Task being achieved to put PCB and cricket in right direction: Ehsan Mani


LAHORE, Jun 13 (APP):Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ehsan Mani said on Thursday that 85 per cent task on his agenda to make the PCB a professional organisation through quality management and governance and to make domestic cricket tough and competitive besides forwarding recommendations in the PCB constitution to the quarters concerned has been achieved, which will help make the PCB a role model organisation in due course of time.

“During my so far almost nine months in office, I have done my best to introduce a new culture of quality management, besides making recommendations in the PCB constitution to bring overall improvement in domestic cricket and in the organisational set-up of the PCB,” he said. “I feel contended in my so far endeavour,” he told the media here at Gaddafi Stadium.

The PCB chairman sounded confident when asked about resumption of international cricket in Pakistan and said, “I have forty years standing and expertise as a cricket administrator and I have deep-rooted contacts with all the cricket-playing nations and International Cricket Council and Asian Cricket Council and I am utilising my experience to benefit Pakistan cricket to see the international cricket activities in our own backyard.”

Ehsan Mani, during his detailed chat, unfolded his vision and said that various measures being taken for revival and development of the game at home, making the Pakistan Super League a big success by holding its all matches at home and by introducing reforms to introduce a culture of transparency, accountability and check and balance within the PCB.

“As the chairman, I offer myself for accountability and the same criteria is applicable to all the individuals working under the PCB banner,” he asserted.

To a question, he said that in the past, the PCB was run by majority of non-professional people, but he had inducted quality professionals with vast experience in various departments of the PCB to make it an organisation capable of delivering in the right direction.

“I don’t believe in hiring a lot of people, I would prefer to work with few people who are top notch in their respective departments, based on their international standing and experience,” he added.

He said that the PCB had forwarded its recommendation in the PCB constitution to its patron, prime minister of Pakistan and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination for approval.

“Our all recommendations focus on de-centralization of powers in the PCB as the chairman has all the powers in the previous set-ups,” he said adding “We will be having a chief executive officer and professional individuals to head their respective departments.”

“Through proposed recommendations in the constitution, we want o make the domestic cricket strong and capable of producing quality cricket on the pattern of cricket in Australia, England and India,” said Ehsan Mani.

The PCB chairman reiterated his pledge to follow austerity in the PCB and quoted his own example in this regard. “I am not drawing such perks and benefits while home and abroad which I am entitled to and through this practice, I have saved millions of rupees of the PCB and our Managing Director, Wasim Khan, is following the same and he has cut down his daily allowance to a lower limit while on a official assignment in England at the moment.”

Highlighting the proposed changes in the constitution, Ehsan Mani said the domestic cricket will be made tough and competitive, preparing second and third tiers of the national teams besides strengthening the base of the game at grass roots level.