Supreme Court denied Nawaz Sharif right to appeal: Talal Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD, July 31 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz)
Member National Assembly Talal Chaudhry Monday observed that the Supreme Court denied Muhammad Nawaz Sharif even a single right to appeal as Prime
Minister of Pakistan.
Speaking to mediamen outside the Supreme Court after a court
hearing, he was of the view that the elected Prime Minister was not given even a single right to appeal.
“Give us justice and do not try to deceive us. Love with
Nawaz Sharif is our compulsion.”, he remarked.
Nobody was saying that the decision of disqualification
of Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court judges was historic, he added.
Talal Chaudhry said the decision of Supreme Court would
be gauged according to law of the land.
“A terrorist can file two appeals against a court decision
but our elected Prime Minister cannot file an appeal in his
case. The treatment meted out to us should be reviewed by
the court. Important legal points were ignored in the decision.”
He said, “Even in military courts people get the right to
appeal then why Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has no right to appeal.”
“We accepted the decision to save the country from
chaos. Muhammad Nawaz Sharif did not save his self but saved the
future of the country.”
Talal claimed that Imran Khan who himself was financially
and morally corrupt could not issue certificates of morality
to others.
“We came here with the hope that Supreme Court will give
justice. Do not make us a rebel. We are hopeful of getting justice
from the court.”
“We are patriotic and we are requesting that if there is a
doubt the Supreme Court should look into our case. Our hearts are
broken but our hopes are still alive.”
Talal said those who threw stones at others under articles 62
and 63 of the constitution could not call themselves “Sadiq and Ameen”.
“Imran Khan will soon be thrown into the rubbish bin
of politics.”
He said Imran Khan has no standing in Pakistani politics
and was being “used as a tissue paper”.
Imran Khan appointed Sheikh Rashid for the post of
Prime Minister but in the past he called him a peon,
he mentioned.
He said people of Pakistan were worried and astonished at
the change that Imran Khan was trying to bring in the country.