Suicide bomber & facilitator of Sehwan Mazar identified: Police

Suicide bomber & facilitator of Sehwan Mazar identified: Police

KARACHI, April 7 (APP): Sindh Police on Friday claimed that the
suicide bomber and facilitator have been`identified with the help of 38 cameras installed at the Sehwan Sharif Mazar.
The photographs obtained had been forwarded to the NADRA and the reply awaited, a police statement said.
The videos of February 16 and before were watched and the `bomber
can be seen in the video of February 16′,the police statement maintained adding that there was also close examining of the clothes of the bomber in which wearing of jacket was obvious.
On February 15, the bomber and two of his associates can be seen
and they remain with in the Mazar for an hour on February 15.
The CDC, Rangers, Intelligence agencies, Dadu and Dehwan police
have collected evidences pertaining to the case and these were shared
for help in identification.
Now, these are sharing with public to speed up the process of
identification, it added.
Those assisting in the process of identification would be given
an award of Rs. five million, the statement added.
It said that information can be communicated to the CDC Police at
99203438 and Rangers at 1101.