Success of CPEC linked to continuity and stability of democracy : Marriyum

APP53-03 ISLAMABAD: November 03 - Ms Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for IB&NH addressing on the eve of curtain-raiser ceremony of CPEC Cultural Carvan at PNCA. APP

ISLAMABAD, Nov 3 (APP): Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb Friday said that the success of CPEC was inextricably linked to continuity and stability of democracy in the country.
This was stated by her at the CPEC Cultural Caravan ceremony here at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts, in regards to cultural troupe comprising artists from Pakistan and China that will travel from Khunjrab to Gawadar.
She said that CPEC was vision of Nawaz Sharif and it was successfully being implemented due to the stability in the democratic process.
Regarding the cultural caravan she said that it would reach Gwadar on November 19, traversing the CPEC route and on the way the artists from both the countries would enthrall people with their performances.
She said that due to the sacrifices of the armed forces and law enforcing agencies the scourge of terrorism had been brought under control leading to restoration of democratic stability. She said that the world was getting a positive image about Pakistan and the international media was also acknowledging our achievements. She said that international institutions were also endorsing our political stability and economic revival, which was our real success.
The minister said that peace had returned to the country, cultural activities had resumed and the process to revive the film industry was proceeding satisfactorily. The minister said that the objective of the CPEC cultural troupe was to highlight all aspect of the project which would not only strengthen economic bonds between the two countries but would also promote cultural ties between the two countries.
Marriyum said that strong cultural ties acted as a catalyst in enhancing economic links and it owed to peaceful condition in the country that we were talking about cultural relations and affinities. The minister said that the ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage was taking a number of concrete steps to create awareness among youth about their culture and heritage which was the demand of the prevailing circumstances.
The minister said that for highlighting and promoting Pakistani culture at the international level films were the most effective medium. She also urged the media to play its role in furthering this cause.
The minister said that when the PML(N) assumed power in 2013 the country was confronted with formidable challenges including terrorism, energy crisis and economic melt-down and it was in the grip of rampant terrorist attacks. She said that the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif after taking charge in his first speech had promised to restore peace in the country and to eliminate the scourge of terrorism. Marriyum said that it was due to his vision that terrorism had been controlled to a great extent.
The minister informed that PNCA was trying to promote CPEC through different cultural activities, which would be instrumental to imparting impetus to economic progress. She said that PNCA recently had organized a festival of Chinese films and the former ambassador of China had also rendered valuable contribution in strengthening cultural ties between the two countries.
The minister said that the ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, PTV, Radio Pakistan and PNCA had collectively arranged special programmes to promote culture and heritage.
The minister observed that a national film policy was being formulated for the revival of film industry in the country which would include incentives for the artists and the industry, setting up arts academies and film studios, screen tourism and revival of cinema screen. She said that this policy would soon be unraveled.
The cultural counselor of China expressing good wishes for the success of the CPEC caravan said that through such activities, people-to-people contact and exchange of delegations the brotherly ties between the two countries would be further reinforced.
He said that the Chinese artist had performed in Islamabad and Lahore earlier as well when in April this year cultural events were arranged in the Chinese cultural center. Underscoring the need for further boosting cultural ties between the two countries the counselor suggested that the business community and people belonging to other spheres of national life should also be made to participate in the cultural activities. DG NCA Jamal shah gave a briefing on the objective of the cultural troupe.
The event was attended by cultural council Chinese embassy, director general of PNCA , managing director of APP,
PIO, official of the Ministry of Information and artists from the two countries.