Students enthusiastically participate in PNCA’s `Summer Art Camp’


ISLAMABAD, Aug 20 (APP): A number of children are
enthusiastically participating in the three-month long colourful
activities of Summer Art Camp being arranged by Pakistan National
Council of the Arts (PNCA).
The Summer Art Camp, started from June 5, is offering variety
of activities including painting, music (key board playing and
singing), calligraphy, drama, puppet making show, photography and
A number of children, aged from 6-16 years, are attending
classes of Summer Art Camp which is a unique opportunity for them to
learn art and skills and utilize their vacation time in constructive
Asad Umer, a student of Grade IV while attending the music
class said, “I am enjoying learning basics of music in my class.
Such activities are also source of relaxation during summer break”.
He said, “the teacher are very cooperative and teach in very
pleasant atmosphere in which children enjoy and learn”.
Ayeza, a student of Grade VIII said, “I have been attending
painting classes for the last few days and I wished I have came here
earlier and could spend more time in learning painting skills more
She said involvement in such activities keeps students more
active physically and mentally and help nourish their hidden
The classes of Summer Art Camp are continue at PNCA from 10:00
am to 12:00 noon.