ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP): A spokesman of the President House
has termed the story run by an anchor of a private news
channel regarding extra expenditure of the President as
baseless and fabricated and against journalistic norms.
The spokesman, in a clarification issued here Wednesday said,
the issue was raised in Senate during the question-hour and
the anchorperson alleged that the President had spent Rs
1.4 billion during the last three years.
He said it was incorrect as the President
besides Rs 80,000 monthly salary, did not receive
anything extra. The total amount the President
received under the head of his salary during the last three years was
Rs 2.88 million, which is equivalent or near to one month salary
of some journalists, or anchors.
The spokesman said being responsible persons of the society,
it should be in the knowledge of journalists that two secretariats were simultaneously working at the President House.
One is called the Public Secretariat, which provides
assistance in provision of constitutional matters between
the President House, Prime Minister House, Parliament, the
government and other departments.
The other secretariat, he said, was called Personnel
Secretariat but it had nothing to do with personality of the
President and this secretariat made arrangements
for security, protocol, arrangements for visits of foreign heads
of state and government, foreign delegations and that was an
important responsibility under the foreign affairs.
The spokesman said those expenditures and arrangements were
for the post of the head of state and not for anyone personnel
usage and were related to dignity of the country. He added that
Rs 1.4 billion were spent under those heads during the last three
years and it had nothing to do with the personal status of the President.
The spokesman said the budget under this head also
included salaries, pension, accommodation and medical expenditures
of the employees of the Personnel Secretariat of the President House.
It should be clarified that 61 percent of budget of
the President House was spent on salaries of the employees while
28 percent was for operational expenditures during the last
three years, which also includes utility expenditures.
He said that 11 percent of expenditure of the President
House were miscellaneous which was spent on social welfare.