Special OPV campaign to be conducted in 13 sensitive UCs of Karachi


KARACHI, July 28 (APP): Around 341,000 under five children will
be administered oral polio vaccine in 13 sensitive union councils of
Karachi during a special campaign commencing on Aug 13.
A meeting chaired by Commissioner of Karachi, Ejaz Ahmad Khan
here Friday extensively reviewed the recently concluded oral polio
vaccination (OPV) in the metropolis and decided to supplement the
efforts through special efforts in areas found to be sensitive.
Coordinator, Emergency Operation Center (EoC), Fayyaz Jatoi
informed the commissioner that no polio case has been reported from
any part of Karachi during past one.
“However, extra efforts are needed to protect the children
exposed to possible risk due to frequent mobility of people to and
from different parts of the country,” he said.
Dr. Jatoi mentioned that the 13 UCs in three different districts
of Karachi have been registered to be sensitive in terms of
vulnerability of kids.
Repeated vaccination was said to further strengthen the immunity
against the virus that is feared to persist in the environment and
required to be eradicated for good, enabling country to achieve zero
polio prevalence status.
Karachi Commissioner on the occasion said parents of the under
five children alongwith community members belonging to the identified
UCs must be taken into confidence prior to the exercise.
He said that parents ought to be convinced to cooperate with the
government as well as the vaccinators to protect their children
against the crippling disease.
Ejaz Ahmad Khan appreciated the EPI-EoC workers and officials for
their commitment to the cause and achieving high coverage rates during
the recently held OPV campaign.
He assured that all needed support and assistance will be
provided to the 1000 teams of vaccinators being engaged in the August
The meeting among others was also attended by Additional
Commissioner of Karachi, Farhan Ghani alongwith Deputy Commissioners
of Karachi-East, Karachi-Central and Karachi-South.
Representatives of Unicef, WHO and Rotary Club were also present
on the occasion.