Speakers pay tributes to Pushto poet Rehman Baba


ISLAMABAD, Aug 31 (APP): Speakers at a seminar, organized by
Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) paid tributes to Pushto
poet Rehman Baba and called for promoting teachings of sofi saints
for reformation of society.
The seminar was part of the literary and social activities
being arranged by the University on regular basis to acknowledge and
celebrate the national heroes and eminent personalities like Rehman
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Shahid Siddiqui who presided over the
seminar announced that similar events will be arranged at their
regional offices across the country. A seminar on sofi poet Khushal
Khan Khattak will be organised soon in Peshawar, he added.
In order to highlight literary contribution of national poets
and writes, a research journal on `Language and Literature’ in the
context of Pakistani languages will be published by October next, he
said, adding the University has already brought out 14
research journals.
The speakers included eminent poets and intellectuals Prof
Nasir Ali Syed, Dr Abbasi Yousaf Zai and Noorul Amin Yousafi.
Renewed singer Faiz Khan Kheshki recited a popular Ghazal of
Rehman Baba.
The event was hosted by the University’s Department of
Pakistani Languages in collaboration with the University’s Peshawar
Dr Shahid Siddiqui underlined the need of seeking inspirations
from Sufism to build a healthy and civilized society. The
University, he added will conduct research work on the life of sufi
poets for guidance of the young generation.
While recounting and recalling the sayings of Rehman Baba, the
speakers said that spiritualism and righteousness were the theme of
his work and message.
Through his poetry Rehman Baba influenced the minds and hearts
of the people for keeping high moral values and good traditions,
based on teachings of Quran and Sunnah.
Rehman Baba earned a highly respected place among the people
because of his dedicated spiritual work, they added.
Earlier, the chairman of the Pakistani Languages Department Dr
Abdullah Jan Abid highlighted the work being done by the University
for promoting language and culture.