Speakers for reforms in public service broadcasting to meet modern media challenges


ISLAMABAD, Apr 12 (APP): Speakers at an advocacy seminar on Wednesday emphasized the need of introducing reforms in public service broadcasting in the country to meet modern media challenges and ensure further improvement in their working.
The seminar entitled “Public Service Broadcastings (PSBs) in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities” was jointly organised by Institute for Research Advocacy and Development (IRADA) and Pakistan Coalition on Media Legal Reforms (PCMLR) here.
The seminar discussed broad principles and rules of regulating PSBs in Pakistan, their impact on free speech and to analyze functioning and mandates of PBC, PTV and other official media organizations, leading to viable recommendations for overall improvement.
In his comments, Former Director General, Radio Pakistan, Murtaza Solangi said the official media, having vast experience, needs to be more active and professional in highlighting the public issues.
He said people of Pakistan have confidence on official media and it should utilize its huge resources to perform in a more professional manner and deliver quality services.
The Speakers, representing different media organisations including public and private, highlighted role of media in society and also shed light on issues being faced.
The representatives of Pakistan Television (PTV), Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, Shalimar Recording and Broadcasting Company, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) also took part in discussion.
The Speakers said Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation which operates radio services, and Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) which operates television services, cover a huge part of terrestrial area, and offer services in various languages and areas, which commercial broadcasters generally do not do in Pakistan.
However, they said, impartiality is often compromised due to existing political norms.
In his briefing, a senior official of IRADA said the basic objective of the seminar is to promote the Agenda for Media Reforms.
He also highlighted the salient features of Agenda for Media Reforms prepared by PCMLR.