South China Sea’s situation easing up towards stability: Chinese Spokesperson


BEIJING (China), Feb 21 (APP): A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Tuesday said with concerted efforts by China and ASEAN countries, the situation in the South China Sea was easing up toward stability and moving in a positive direction.
“We have said many times that we hope relevant countries, especially non-regional countries, can respect the efforts made by China and ASEAN countries, preserve and consolidate the current sound momentum, and contribute more to peace and stability in the
South China Sea,” foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang during his regular press briefing here said.
Responding to a question he said the US was sending of an entire aircraft carrier battle group into the South China Sea to carry out regular patrols, and China had noted relevant reports.
China, he said, always respected the freedom of navigation and overflight that countries enjoyed in the South China Sea under international law.
“But we oppose relevant countries threatening and undermining the sovereignty and security of coastal states under the pretext of such freedom. We hope that relevant countries can do more for regional peace and stability,” he added.
Regarding Saudi Arabian King’s visit to China in the near future, he said, both China and Saudi Arabia had a friendly relationship with close high-level exchanges.
During President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Saudi Arabia in January last year, the two countries established the comprehensive strategic partnership, he added.
The spokesperson said, “China welcomes King Salman to visit China. The two sides are in close touch on this.”