Solo Exhibition by Raja Najmul Hassan concludes at ‘My Art World’

ISLAMABAD, Dec 27 (APP): A solo painting Exhibition ‘The world around him’ by Raja Najmul Hassan, has concluded here at ‘My Art World’.
Artist najmul Hassan said, “When painting, I feel a personal connection with nature. I try to capture the mood, atmosphere, sounds & smell of the landscape around me.”
“My first impression of the scene must stimulate and excite my senses. The process of creating a painting will contain all the experiences past and present, passion, skill, control & an attempt to capture the fleeting moment in time.”
He said,”My landscape paintings are inspired by my great love for nature.I strongly believe that great art not only speaks to your imagination but also calls out to your heart & soul. To me,there is nothing like the excitement of creating a painting and the idea of producing something that people can enjoy beyond a life time.”
A large number of art lovers, budding artist, youth and foreigners visited the exhibition.