Six agents of Afghan intelligence arrested in Balochistan

QUETTA, May 26 (APP): Pakistani intelligence agencies have arrested six trained agents of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency who were involved in targeted killings, bomb blasts and killing 40 people in Pakistan.

This was disclosed by Balochistan Home Minister, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti who along with senior officials was addressing a press conference, here on Thursday evening.

He said, “Our intelligence and security agencies have successfully arrested six agents of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency who have confessed their involvement in killing 40 innocent people, targeted killing, bomb blast and other heinous crimes in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan province.”

He said that these Afghan agents in guise of Afghan refugees entered Pakistan and lived in Afghan refugee camps.
“We hosted Afghan refugees but the agents of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency stabbed our back by killing innocent Pakistani people in targeted killing and bomb explosions,” he said.

He said that both Indian intelligence agency, RAW and Afghan
intelligence agency, NDS were jointly involved in acts of terror in Balochistan and other parts of the country.

“RAW and NDS jointly got their agents entered into Pakistan who committed targeted killings of innocent people,” he said.
Narrating the details of the arrested Afghan agents, he said that Lt, Rozi Khan was serving officer of Afghan National Army and resident of Ghazni area of Afghanistan.

“Rozi Khan had Pakistani national identity card and was living in  Kuchlak area of Quetta,” he said.

The Home Minister further said that three army generals of
Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, NDS including General. Momin, General. Naeem and General Malik were handling their agents to create unrest in Pakistan.

He said that Mehmood Khan and Asmat Khan the agents of NDS were involved in targeted killings in Pakistan.

During the press conference, a video was also screened before the journalists which was showing agents of NDS, confessing their heinous crimes which they committed in Pakistan.

He said that now Afghan refugees would have to repatriate back to their country, Afghanistan as saying their were creating several problems for Pakistan.

He urged all stakeholders to devise a strategy for repatriation of Afghan refugees.