Sindh University organizes Pakistan-China Cultural Caravan


HYDERABAD, Feb 18 (APP):The art and culture serve as the most powerful means to broaden bilateral understanding, deepen insight into each-other as people and nations as we connect to one another at visceral level.
The Vice Chancellor University of Sindh Jamshoro expressed these remarks on Monday while attending the Pakistan-China Cultural Caravan organized by Area Studay Centre Fareast and Souteast Asia at SMBB Research Chair and Convention Centre of Allam I.I. Kazi Campus Jamshoro.
The Pakistan-China friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than oceans and sweeter than honey and both the countries stood the test of times have always come to each other succor without wasting a moment, he said and added it exist extensive common cultural ground and enormous shared future economic potential for both China and Pakistan to pursue.
He said, the cultural exchanges help us grasp issues that we otherwise ignore or misrepresent. Both art and culture facilitate social change through community mobilization”. Dr Burfat said.
Hailing the teachings of 551 BC Chinese philosopher-teacher Confucius, the Vice Chancellor termed him a universal wisdom-inspirer of China, affording sagacity to all those who ever happened to negotiate his ideas.
The Director Confucius Institute University of Karachi Zhang Xiaoping who attended the event as chief guest said the troupe of Chinese cultural performers, teachers of Chinese language from Confucius Institute, University of Karachi, Cadet College Petaro, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro and he himself were highly glad to have brought to Sindh University youth Chinese culture, tradition, folklore and music in form of diverse stage performances.
He expressed pleasant over massive presence of male and female students of University of Sindh packing the 2000-seat auditorium to its capacity, with some youth opting to sit on steps, in aisles and on window-sills. Zhang Xiaoping also manifested mirth over the diverse performances presented by lead artists of Pakistan.
Earlier, the Director ASCFESEA Dr Ghulam Akbar Mahesar in his welcome note highlighted the objectives of the centre.
The Pakistan-Chinese performances presented during the event included playing of national anthems of both countries, good luck opening dance by Chinese performers fem-leaf hedge bamboo under the moonlight played on traditional Chinese music instrument ‘hulusi’, jasmine flower song in Chinese by Chinese language students of Mehran University, the Taichi Duo-Kungfu show, osmund-picking country Chinese song, Chengdu solo song sung by Sindh University student Khushboo Chandio, enrolled in Chinese language learning programme, story of the times solo Chinese song, China wave fan dance, new year wishes song by Chinese cultural troupe, Pakistani national song, featuring culture of all provinces, combination of classic-folk renditions, mystic numbers and culture of various parts of Pakistan.