Showbiz people observe Ashura-e-Muharram


LAHORE, Oct 1 (APP): People from showbiz industry
on Sunday observed Yaum-e-Ashur, the martyrdom day of
Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), the grandson of the Holy
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
They organized dozens of Majalis e Aza and distributed
food. Big majalis were held by filmstar, Durdana Rehman,
Asif Sinto and stage artist, Ali Tufani.
Nisho begum, Bahar begum, Ishrat Ch, Shahida Mini, Khushbu,
Dedar, Sheen, Nadia, Sono Ali, Jarar Rizvi, Ustad Hamid Ali
Khan and other musicians and artists attended the majalis
and paid rich tribute to the great sacrifice of Hazrat Imam
Hussain (RA) and his family members who laid down their
lives at Karbela.