Shehbaz stresses need to control environmental pollution


LAHORE, June 4 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has stressed the need to control ever increasing environmental pollution in the country as it was a noteworthy hindrance in the formation of a healthy society.
The chief minister, in his message on the eve of World Environment Day to be observed on Monday, said environmental pollution, which might be of any type, was affecting the planet’s atmosphere and human life so international community had to regulate the elements causing it.
“Today we have to seriously accept our role as protector of the environment,” he added.
Shehbaz Sharif said,”Rapidly growing population and industrial
development have affected our environment, however, conserving natural resources and protecting environment through public awareness can be helpful. To highlight the importance of natural environment protection, continuity of awareness campaign is needed.
“A major reason for the rapid increase in environmental pollution
is continuous deforestation which needs to be ceased as survival of
forests and their protection is indispensable to control environmental pollution. Green and dense trees symbolize such lush beauty which
doesn’t have any substitute.
“Furthermore, trees hinder sound waves which lead to reduction in noise pollution.”
He said that the purpose of observing the day was not only to create awareness among the public regarding climate change and its adverse effects but also to reiterate the commitment that “we will provide our coming generations with a clean and tidy natural environment.”